How does the mothers psychological state affect the baby development during pregnancy?

Physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy closely affect the health and development of mothers and babies. Stress and grief in pregnant women can lead to malnutrition, sleep disorders, smoking and alcohol abuse. For these reasons, low birth weight, growth retardation and preterm birth can be observed. Some hormones secreted by anxiety and sorrow can pass through the placenta and affect the baby. Increased stress hormones may also contribute to the risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension and pregnancy-related diabetes.

Positive thinking is related to comfortable pregnancy and healthy baby development. Studies have also shown that the mood of the baby is closely related to the mental state of the pregnant woman. Used to deal with negative psychological factors during pregnancy, stress and grief; support from spouses and families, regular and balanced nutrition, and gentle exercise controlled by doctors, as well as information from reliable doctors.

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