How to Eat in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an anabolic disease that increases the demand for energy, vitamins and minerals. Malnutrition, lack of minerals and vitamins can lead to poor pregnancy outcomes...

Which Minerals are Required More in Pregnancy?

Carbohydrates; daily intake of enough carbohydrates needs to be provided from low-grain index whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables. Water and milk should be the first choice for beverages. You should eat fruit instead of juice.

Can Water Be Given to Newborns?

Newborn baby care is a period of care and sensitivity. Although newborn babies are well developed and unable to enter the world, they continue to evolve in many ways.

How Does Reflux Occur in Newborns, What Should Be Done?

Although babies are born with a body structure that can maintain their important functions, they continue to develop. In this case, some underdeveloped organs may make the baby more susceptible to certain diseases.

How Healthy Is It To Give Sweet Food To Babies?

As infants transition to supplemental food, the problem of infant feeding is turning to a completely different axis. For breastfed babies, this valuable and nutrient-rich milk content is the only food source for babies, as babies feeding supplements need to be fed in a balanced manner.

How Long Can Breast Milk Be Kept in Breast Milk Storage Containers?

The benefits of food are directly proportional to their freshness. Therefore, we attach great importance to the freshness of the products we consume. For babies, the importance of fresh food consumption is highest for mothers.

How Should A Baby Breakfast Be?

One of the most important transitional periods for infant feeding is the introduction of supplementary food. During this period, breastfed babies are supported by supplemental foods, and the baby's eating habits and daily begins to form.

How Should Newborn Babies Be Fed If Mother Cannot Produce Breast Milk?

Breast milk plays a vital role in infant development. Especially newborn babies should breastfeed as much as possible. However, in some cases, the mother's milk may not come as you mentioned at the beginning.

How Should Nutrition Be in 6-18 Month Old Babies?

The baby grew very fast in the first two years. When the infant reaches a certain maturity, the infant feeding equation starting from breast milk is added by supplemental food.

How Should a 3 Month Baby Bottle Be?

The needs of babies change gradually from birth. At the same time as the development of the baby, it may be necessary to update the baby products they use. One such product is a baby bottle. As the baby grows, the size of the bottle and the nipple will increase.

How Should the Structure of the Spoon Be?

The transition to infant supplementation is an important stage. A balanced diet should be established for babies who are nursing mothers. During this important period, the mother has a lot of baby products that can be used.

How Should the Teat Be?

Bottles play an important role in the baby's feeding habits. The more comfortable the baby uses the bottle, the more frequent his/her feeding. Therefore, choosing the right bottle is the right solution to the mother's problem.

How and when should you introduce sippy cups?

The transition from breast and bottle, and bottle to cup can be difficult for babies. However, using feeding bottles beyond a certain period can damage the mouth and development of the baby’s teeth.

How do you choose the right feeding bottle and teat?

The bond between mom and baby that forms when breastfeeding is difficult to replicate, this is why you need to choose carefully when selecting a teat for the bottle.

How do you know when breast milk is spoiled?

Moms always want to give the best to their babies, and breast milk is the best nutrition you can give. Breast milk has countless health benefits for your baby.

How much salt is safe for your baby?

Nutrition starts from birth and stays with us throughout our lives. Babies and children need a healthy diet in order to develop correctly, and grown into healthy adults.

How to Deal With Lack of Appetite Problem in Weaned Infants

Every mother pays great attention to breastfeeding. Therefore, although breastfeeding is a hard job, mothers know that babies will encounter difficulties when feeding in the best way. Despite all her efforts, in some cases, the mother may not be constantly milking.

How to Deal With the Problem of Constipation in Babies?

Because the newborns did not fully develop their excretory system, they excreted irregularly. After each breastfeeding, the baby may have a bowel movement, but it may be less.

How to Make Babies Familiarize with Feeding Bottles?

Every baby has its own characteristics. When mothers approach their babies, they must consider their personality. Therefore, each solution suggestion may not work for every baby.

How to Use Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Breast milk storage bags can help breastfeeding mothers need more than breast milk, or need to store milk for separation from the baby during work or for similar reasons during the day.

How to Use a Fruit Strainer

The nutrients that infants consume when they transition to extra food after breastfeeding will also begin to change. In terms of diversity, fruits and vegetables are very important for infant nutrition and adults.

What Is the Reason for Needing to Drink Water While Breastfeeding?

Entire food and water need of the baby is met by breast milk for a certain period of time. Therefore, regular production of breast milk is of vital importance for the baby.

What Should Be Considered In Neonatal Nutrition?

Mothers need to have the right information to promote the development of the baby in an ideal way. It is very important that mothers pay special attention to newborn care.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Vomiting in Infants?

Babies are very delicate creatures. This is why mothers often observe her baby and make her feel comfortable. However, in some cases, the baby may be disturbed and the mother may be worried. Infant vomiting is the most common condition in such cases.

What are the Allergic Symptoms in Infants During the Transition to Supplementary Food?

Infancy is the most sensitive and vulnerable period of humanity. A mother who wants to raise her child in a healthy and worry-free way must deal with many of the problems of transitioning to supplemental food.

What are the Fun Practices in Transitioning from Breast Milk to Supplementary Food?

In the first 6 months, the baby can meet all the needs of breast milk. However, with your baby's teeth, breastfeeding is not enough for your baby. Therefore, the mother enters the period in which she feeds the baby with supplementary food.

What are the Ideal Nutrition Ingredients for 18+ Month Babies?

Infant development is a process that requires careful monitoring, and even mothers may confuse baby nutrition at certain times. In order to avoid this situation, we recommend that mothers should consult with experts. As the baby develops, the baby's needs change.

What are the Ideal Nutrition Ingredients for 6-18 Month Babies?

The transition to infant supplementation is an important stage. Therefore, after the baby is converted to extra food, the mother needs to apply the diet plan in a certain order and process.

What are the foods that should not be given to the baby during the transition to supplementary food?

In addition to breast milk, the transition to supplemental food is a process that should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor six months after the baby is completed. It is very important for the mother to know that she will give the child food.

What is an Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle?

Infant feeding is an important process. Babies must be fed correctly because they get the nutrients they need. The feeding bottle is one of the baby products that have important functions at this time.

What is the amount of weight your baby should gain?

Experts have been focusing on infant development for many years and have introduced certain standards. By creating a baby's growth table in this framework, you can easily learn the ideal baby height and weight.

What is the ideal time to pump breast milk?

Mothers want to provide mothers with breast milk in the best way, which is a very valuable nutrient. The most ideal method not discussed is breastfeeding. However, breast milk can be fed to the baby through a milk pump.

What makes a good sippy cup?

A suitable sippy cup should be designed with the baby’s use and comfort in mind, with colorful cups being a good starting point to attract your baby’s attention.

What should the characteristics of a formula container be?

The transition to baby supplements is an important stage for mothers. Although breastfeeding meets most of your baby's needs, fast-growing babies need to replenish their food. We believe that mothers need to carefully prepare the baby food they need and feed their baby.

What to Consider When Choosing a Feeding Bottle

Baby bottles are one of the most commonly used baby products in your baby's diet. Choosing the right baby bottle is very important for your baby's health and comfort.

When Can Babies Eat On Their Own?

The two most important factors in infant development are nutrition and sleep. From the birth of the baby, the mother needs to establish appropriate feeding and sleep patterns. Especially in infant feeding, the responsibility is almost always on the mother's shoulder until the baby is 1 year old.

When Can Babies Eat With Fork and Spoon?

One of the mother's biggest shortcomings is that babies are supplemental foods, and most of the time, they don't give their children food they eat. As the baby develops, their eating habits will also form.

When Should The Baby Be Weaned?

One of the most difficult questions the mother found was the ideal time for weaning babies. In addition to the invaluable benefits of breast milk to infants.

When should you start supplementary food?

Baby nutrition is an important process that requires special attention.

When to Start Using Baby Spoon

Starting with breast milk, the baby's diet becomes more important as it transitions to supplemental food. The baby's breast milk supplement food balance should be adjusted and the baby should be properly fed. In this process, products such as baby food sets provide great convenience for mothers.

When to Start Using Fruit Strainers?

The food that the baby begins to consume during the transition to extra food will constantly change. Just like adults, in order to meet the needs of fruits and vegetables, babies must switch to other foods other than breast milk.

Which Bottle Types Are Healthier?

Baby products are designed with the baby in mind and produced with materials that are not harmful to health. Mothers are very careful when choosing the bottle of the most popular baby products.

Which Materials Should Baby Spoons Be Made of?

When purchasing baby products, you must pay attention to the materials used to make baby products. Mothers prefer products that do not contain any harmful chemicals, such as BPA or BPS, and are fully compatible with the health of the baby.

Which One is the Ideal Training Cup?

The most basic requirements for air and water are air and water. Although we need air without any effort, we need to make special efforts for water.

Which Type of Bibs Should Be Preferred?

The most common complaint of mothers in infant feeding is the rapid staining of baby clothes. In particular, food stains on clothes during meals are inevitable. In view of the large number of repeated feeding times during the day, infants should be kept clean and hygienic and healthy.

Why Does Colic Pain Occur After Feeding, What Can Be Done?

With birth, especially in the first few months, a challenging period requires a mother. Due to the lack of communication skills of babies, their problems can only be determined by the mother through observation.

Why do you need to drink water whilst breastfeeding?

For a certain amount of time, breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs.