How and when should you introduce sippy cups?

The transition from breast and bottle, and bottle to cup can be difficult for babies. However, using feeding bottles beyond a certain period (over nine or ten months) can damage the mouth and development of the baby’s teeth. So it’s good to encourage drinking from a glass, and sippy cups are a good middle ground, as all moms know that babies won’t be too willing to stop using their feeding bottle, as the structure of a feeding bottle is more inline with the baby’s sucking reflex.

The process will take time. Be patient and persistent but not pushy, as stubborn babies especially, with react negatively. It should be noted that babies have a reflex to push out foreign objects out of their mouth with their tongue. However from about four months old, this begins to stop, helping that they easily swallow food making this a good period to start using cups.

You can begin by introduce the use of baby water bottles from about 6 months, aiding the whole transition process. The key is to bring in the use of feeding cups gradually, by slowly adding it to your babies routine, this will yield the most positive results as your baby feels more comfortable with the idea.

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