Is It Healthy To Use a Nasal Aspirator?

A baby is dependent on his/her mother in all aspects at birth. Before a certain level of development is completed, the baby can’t even meet their most basic physical needs. Therefore, the most important responsibility for baby care belongs to the mother. From feeding to personal hygiene, the mother meets all the needs of the baby.

Nasal congestion can cause many problems

Babies can often experience nasal congestion because they cannot clean their noses. Respiratory congestion can cause serious problems for babies. a baby with a big nose;

– Difficulty breathing, becoming restless,
– Sleep disorders, because of difficulty breathing,
– His/her quality of life is impaired because it does not breathe properly and cannot fall asleep.

For the above reasons, baby nasal congestion is a problem that cannot be underestimated. For nasal congestion, the mother can inject a natural fluid (called a saline solution) into the baby’s nose. However, if the nose is too crowded, this method will not work. In this case, nasal cleansers can be used in infants. Thanks to the specially designed baby nose cleaner, you can easily clean your baby’s nose. Nasal cleansers, also known as nasal aspirator, remove excess mucus from the baby’s nose and open the respiratory tract. In this way, the baby will be able to breathe comfortably from the nose without difficulty.

The ideal nasal aspirator is made of silicone, which does not damage the baby’s sensitive nose and prevents nasal irritation. In addition, the nasal aspirator is very simple to use due to its design for the baby’s anatomy.

Keep your baby’s nose clean to improve their quality of life
The use of a nasal aspirator does not cause any damage or side effects to the baby’s health. However, the nasal aspirator should be used as recommended for each baby product. In particular, your baby can sleep comfortably after cleaning his nose with a sniffer before going to bed. However, nasal congestion can also be observed in infants who wake up in the morning. When your baby wakes up after personal cleaning, you can use a nasal aspirator to clean the nose. In this way, your baby will be able to breathe comfortably, his discomfort will be reduced, his sleep will be regulated, and his resistance to respiratory diseases will be enhanced. In short, a significant improvement in the quality of life can be achieved.
In other words, baby nasal cleansers used in a properly sterile manner have no side effects but have a positive effect on the health of the baby.

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