Soothers Made of Which Materials Are Healthy?

It is quite normal that you are picky for such an important product that is to meet your baby’s sucking need and develop its sucking function.

We compiled some important information for you to understand how healthy the soother that your baby is to use during the day, maybe for hours. Soothers are classified in two groups as rubber and silicone by the material they are made of. Round-shaped soothers that give the closest feeling to the mother’s nipple thanks to their puffed, round design and that are preferred the most currently are also offered to the mothers in their rubber and silicone models. Rubber is a natural material and is distinguished with its elastic property. Additionally, rubber soothers are softer compared to silicone ones. Is proximity to the color of the nipple is another reason for preferring rubber soothers. However, rubber’s specific smell may disturb some babies.

Nevertheless, this sort of soothers go bad and are deformed faster as rubber holds water. Indeed, due to the nature of rubber, this sort of soothers get dirty easier. Cleaning of rubber soothers are made with special disinfectants or cold sterilization methods. We warn you of cleaning the rubber soothers with boiling method, because rubber is not a heat resistant material and your soother may easily go bad for this reason. Rubber’s alternative is silicone. Silicon is a natural and organic material consisting of silicium. Being odorless and tasteless is the reason for preferring silicone soothers. Harder than the rubber soothers, silicone soothers are also more durable. For this reason, silicon soothers that are one of the soother models do not go bad easily. Additionally, silicone is a heat resistant material and silicone soothers can be easily cleaned with hot sterilization methods. In other words, you can sterilize silicone soothers with steam or hot water.

Thanks to transparent and smooth surface of silicone, silicone soothers are easier to clean. Based on the information shared with you above, we can easily say that the material preferred the most for soothers is silicone, thanks to its durability and being easy to sterilize. The mother’s task is ensuring the required conditions of hygiene and replacing the soother in recommended intervals, after picking the most suitable soother for your baby.

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