Why do you need to drink water whilst breastfeeding?

For a certain amount of time, breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs. Therefore regular breast milk production is of vital importance for your baby. As you produce milk, and your baby feeds, your body loses water. As the largest component of breast milk is water, moms need to increase their intake of water.

Between breastfeeding and being a new mom, childcare can be pretty exhausting. It’s super important that moms take good care of themselves, this is especially relevant when breastfeeding, because by meeting your own needs, you’re better meeting your baby’s.

We recommend you keep drinking water conveniently accessible at all times, as you will find you are thirstier when breastfeeding, and interrupting breastfeeding can disturb your baby. You don’t want to neglect meeting your needs, as your own nutrition directly impacts the quality of milk. You don’t just have to drink water to stay hydrated, you can also drink fruit juices.

Your body is programmed to constantly produce milk. It’s advisable to avoid non-decaf tea and coffee as well as fizzy drinks and sodas containing sugar whilst your breastfeeding, as this can increase milk production causing an excess and disturbing the mom.

Manuel and automatic breast pumps are important in helping moms manage this issue. By choosing a milk pump that address your needs, you can pump and store the excess milk. As a result, your quality of life will improve as you’ve met your own needs, and your baby’s.

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